This release comes with some breaking changes to better help maintain the current project. As we inch closer towards v3’s release it is imperative that we keep v2 as easy to maintain as possible, so it is likely future versions may have equally breaking changes if they are necessary.

If you want to learn more on the progress on v3, be on the lookout for a blog post.

###+ Additions

  • Added ActivityType
  • Added support for animated emojis
  • Added retry for CloudFlare errors
  • Added support for (some) Unicode in text channels

###* Changes

  • Reworked presence. This is a breaking change as it has removed and added various methods. The rework aims to better manipulate your bot’s presence and allow a lot more customization than previously allocated with far fewer methods.
  • All instances of LocalDateTime has been converted to Instance to better represent the actual data that is being manipulated and to mitigate various confusion on the usage of such methods. This is also a breaking change.
  • Fixed ordering of MessageHistory#getMessageHistory when all the messages were in the cache.
  • Fixed NPE if JARs did not have a Manifest for modules.
  • Fixed NPE when automatically enabling modules.
  • ReadyEvent wait time now scales linearly with guild count.
  • Fixed numerous bugs related to reactions.
  • Fixed NPEs and UOEs for MessageUpdateEvents
  • Fixed NPEs on Reaction Add/Remove Events
  • Fixed IGuild#getOwner occasionally returning null
  • Increased concurrency for DispatchHandler
  • Fixed NFEs when parsing certain channel IDs
  • Changed RequestBuffer.request(IVoiceRequest) to be more fluent to use.

###- Removed Anything removed is related to previously mentioned changes.

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