A JVM-based REST/WS wrapper for the official Discord Bot API, written in Java.

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Discord4J is a reactive interface for the official Discord API designed using reactive principles using the Reactor framework for an asynchronous and non-blocking API.


Built from the ground up with a focus on modularity, Discord4J allows for extreme customizability and flexibility in how you use the library.


Written in Java 8 and built on top of Netty, Discord4J offers a fast, functional, and completely non-blocking API with lazy processing included.

Getting Started

Discord4J is split up into different modules for maximum flexibility. You may pick and use only what you need from the modules list.

To interact with all facets of the Discord API built on top of all the other modules, import the core module into your favourite dependency manager (see the example configurations).


// build.gradle

dependencies {
    implementation "com.discord4j:discord4j-core:        "

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